Our focus is helping players & families


Different Than Others


Our Travel Teams are different than many programs.  We focus on player development and high level competition with low costs and reduced burdens for families.

Much Lower Cost - Parents pay only their player's share of costs, which is often less than $500 for the entire season.  How?  Because our teams don't exist to make money for coaches, we don't have any image-based extra costs like custom team logo gear that don't help players improve, and we have professional management experience to run the program efficiently.


Financial assistance - Available for qualifying players (even free participation).

Limited Overnight Travel - Why spend entire weekends away from home and money on hotels when we are in one of the best areas in the U.S. for youth baseball?  Many teams travel for the perceived prestige, which is nonsense, while others do it because their coaches make more money when the team travels (seriously).  We do try to have one out-of-town event each season as a treat for the players, but only if the families can do it.

Competitive Fairness - No favoritism.  No daddy-ball. Every player gets chances to compete for positions and playing time.

Advanced Instruction & Evaluation - Our coaches are certified and guided by a Coaching Coordinator who is a very experienced coach and a no-nonsens education professional with expertise in how youth learn.  We also use video, radar, timing, and Diamond Kinetics for batting and pitching.

Our North County Youth Baseball League is different from other leagues.  We're independent, so we set our own rules to benefit youth recreational players.   

Fun - We teach kids how to play better and enjoy the game.  We focus on learning fundamental skills taught by certified coaches.  No yelling, no criticism.  We don't praise players just for showing up, but we don't embarrass them with criticism either. 

Fair -  In most leagues, a player only has to be on the field 1 or 2 innings and bat once.  In our league, players can only be on the bench 1 inning per game, everyone bats the entire game, every player gets the chance to play infield every game, and every player gets chances to pitch (in player-pitch divisions).  Coaches also are required to rotate the batting order every game so all players get approximately equal chances to bat over the course of the season.

Affordable - Our league is less costly than other local leagues.  We also offer discounts for active duty U.S. military, Homeland Security, and first responders.  Parents who are Antifa members pay a 50% surcharge, which we use to fund financial assistance for less fortunate players.  


Effort Focused - We might be the only league in the area (heck, in the country) that does NOT give participation trophies.  Why?  We believe self-esteem comes from effort and improvement.