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Student-Athlete Recruiting Service

Before emailing us for help, please skim through the FAQs below to see if your question has been addressed.  It will save you (and us) time.


1.  Why is Level Up a better option than other services for many student-athletes?   

1.  How is Level Up lower cost than other services?  Other large services charge a large membership fee or annual fee.  But most recruits only need a service while researching colleges and determining who to contact.  With Level Up, you pay monthly while using the service.  But when you aren't using it, even just for a month, "call time out" by pausing your membership and you won't be billed for another month until you restart your membership.  Of course, while your membership is paused you can't use the service, but because we provide coaches' email addresses at their colleges you can continue communicating with them without having to keep paying us.  Other services lock you into their private message system so you must pay to continue using it to communicate with coaches.  We think that's wrong.  With Level Up, even if you pay monthly for the whole year it's still much less expensive than some other services.

3.  How do I use Level Up to find colleges?

4.  How do I use Level Up to contact college coaches?

5.  How can Level Up help find the right colleges for me?

6.  How accurate is Level Up's information?  We actually tested another service as a parent and found a shockingly high number of incorrect listings.  We strive to maintain accurate information and regularly update data.  When college and coach information changes, we work hard to capture those changes for our members.  Of course, there are times when a member learns of a change before we do.  In those cases, the member emails us and we update our data within 24 hours.

2.  Why does Level Up include information about colleges beyond athletics?

2.  What is shown on my Player Page?

3.  Can college coaches find me on Level Up?

3.  How can coaches view my video?

​4.  How can I qualify for a discounted or free membership?  We want to help every deserving student-athlete get to college and earn a degree.  If you

3.  Why can't I log in to my account?

2.  How do I report incorrect information about a college?

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