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About Level UpTM

Student-Athlete Recruiting Service



We provide honest, effective, affordable services for high school and college transfer student-athletes manage their recruiting process, identify colleges where they can be successful, and help them attract interest from colleges.



Honesty:  We will always give fair, straightforward guidance and assessments.  We will never try to convince a student-athlete they should commit to a college where we don't think they will be successful, nor will we try to convince a student-athlete to commit to a college below their capabilities just to gain a commitment and call it a success for our service.

Effectiveness:  We strive to ensure Level Up contains accurate information, unlike some big services that have outdated coach, contact, and college information.  We provide information to our members beyond athletics so they can identify colleges where they can be successful on and off the field.  We also offer services for skills/highlight videos, communications, and honest assessment.  In addition, we provide guidance in many areas such as financial aid, applications, keys to college success, and more.

Affordability:  Level Up membership will always cost much less than the biggest services so we can assist all student-athletes, not just those from affluent families.  We also offer discounts, even free membership, for student-athletes with challenging financial circumstances.  Contact us for information.



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