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Recruiting solution for high school & transfer student-athletes

Frequently Asked Questions

Honest.  Effective.  Affordable.

If you have a question that isn't adequately addressed below, please email us so we can help you individually.

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It's about finding where you can be successful.

Athletics - Academics - Environment - Cost

How should I manage my recruiting process?  You can read about recruiting and how to use Level Up to help at Recruiting Process page.  For more personalized assistance including our Honest Assessment and guidance, 

How can Level Up cost much less than other recruiting services?  Level Up charges a monthly fee that you can cancel at any time.  When you are actively using Level Up to search for colleges, contact coaches, and get guidance, then pay for a monthly membership.  Once you commit to a college or take a break from the process, cancel the automatic monthly renewal and you won't be charged until you reactivate your membership.  All of your account information will be saved until your high school class graduates, so you can easily reactivate at any time.  With monthly membership, you can pay only when you want access to Level Up's service and save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars compared to other services that charge a large up-front fee or require annual membership.

Does Level Up help college transfers?  Absolutely.  We understand how difficult the transfer process can be, so we have services just for college athletes considering transfer.  Everything from a separate player profile section college coaches can search, to customized information and guidance for transfers.

How is it that?  Answer is

You want to play at the highest possible level, but...  What's your true potential?  What academic rigor can you manage while playing a sport?  What environment will you enjoy?  What can you afford?  Where can you be successful, play, enjoy college, and earn a degreee?  You don't want to be home after one semester explaining why it didn't work out.  You want to succeed, and we want to help you.

Some services aren't totally upfront...   their name and logo look like the NCAA, which doesn't seem ethical.  They charge thousands for questionable "advice" and what they claim is the ability to email any coach.  But you're actually sending a message within their private system.  If a coach doesn't use their system, and many don't, then your message is never read.  They don't even have reliable information for some colleges, including listing coaches who left years ago.  Their system focuses primarily on athletics rather and their advice centers on getting you to commit to a school so they can claim success, even if it wasn't the right college for you.

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