Telegram Group Texts

We use the free, secure Telegram app to send group messages for schedule changes and alerts.  Download Telegram at the iTunes (iPhone) and Google Play (Android) stores.  You only need to enter your phone number and a screen name - no other personal info needed.  Once you are set up, search for the "NPB Youth Baseball" group or use the link to join.  We also email changes and alerts, but this calendar page is not updated real-time (we can't update the website while at the field).

Next Events:

All events, dates, times, and locations subject to change due to weather or other factors

Week of June 7:  Final week of the spring season.  Minors game Tue 6/08 6pm.  Rookies games Thur 6/10 6pm. No Minors or Rookies practices.  Tee Ball has regular weeknight practices.  Final games Sat 6/12 with Rookies at 9am, Tee Ball at 9:30am, and Minors at 10:45am.


North Palm Beach Youth Baseball is a part of North Palm Beach Baseball, Inc, a Florida nonprofit corporation.  NPBYB is not affiliated with Little League or any other baseball league, travel team, or national organization.  NPBYB is independent and not part of the Recreation Department for the Village of North Palm Beach or Palm Beach County, but we are grateful for the assistance they both provide.