"When you start the game, they don't say 'Work Ball!' They say, 'Play ball!" - Willie Stargell (Hall of Fame Outfielder/1st Baseman)

We focus on players learning fundamental skills, improving, and having fun.  Unlike other leagues that have minimum play rules (players must only play two innings and bat once per game), we have maximum bench rules.  No player sits on the bench two innings in a row or more than two innings total in a game*.

Open to any players ages 4 to 12 in Palm Beach and Martin Counties provided they can get to fields in the North Palm Beach area, participate safely according to the rules, and they and their parents adhere to the League's conduct standards.  We also offer financial assistance with the registration fee.  We want every child to have fun playing baseball!


Age groups overlap to allow players to be assigned to the best level for their ability and size.  A player's league age is their actual age on June 15, 2021.

T-Ball (4 to 7) - A structured program to introduce basic concepts and skills, begin learning sportsmanship, and most important... have fun.  We highly recommend parents be at practices and games whenever possible.  Teams typically have 7 to 10 players so everyone stays involved.  It is played on a field with bases 60 feet apart and no pitching (players hit the ball off a tee).  Score is kept so players learn the game, but the focus is not on winning or losing.  Safety baseballs are used and all players bat each inning.​ 


Rookies (7 to 10) - Teams typically have 9 to 11 players and play on a field with bases 60 feet apart.  Coaches use a sling pitching machine to deliver consistent pitches so players have more confidence and can focus on hitting.  Leads and steals are not allowed.  Games are played according to standard rules, score is kept, and players know who won, but the emphasis is on effort, skill development, and fun.

Minors (8 to 12) - Teams typically have 9 to 11 players and play on a field with bases 60 feet apart and a 46 foot pitching distance.  Players pitch but with specific limits.  Leads and steals are not allowed.

Majors (11 to 13) - Teams typically have 9 to 11 players and play on a field with bases 70 feet apart and a 50 foot pitching distance.  Leads and steals are allowed with limitations.

All Stars may be offered in one or more age groups depending on the league's composition at the end of the season.  Teams are chosen strictly by merit, there may be extra cost or fundraisers required, and they compete in one or two local tournaments only, which is plenty.  The league's focus will always remain on the full season for all players.

* Exceptions include injury, illness, and conduct issues.


North Palm Beach Youth Baseball is a part of North Palm Beach Baseball, Inc, a Florida nonprofit corporation.  NPBYB is not affiliated with Little League or any other baseball league, travel team, or national organization.  NPBYB is independent and not part of the Recreation Department for the Village of North Palm Beach or Palm Beach County, but we are grateful for the assistance they both provide.