High School Travel Team for Deserving Players
“Baseball is a man maker.” – Al Spalding, Pitcher, Manager, and Founder of Spalding Sporting Goods

We are forming a travel team for deserving high school players who have the ability and desire to play college baseball, so they get exposure to colleges to further their education, but they can't afford the ridiculous high cost of most travel teams or can't do the frequent out-of-town travel.

Players pay what they can afford, even if it's nothing.  Interested?  Email us at info@npbbaseball.org.

You will get opportunities to compete against high level players and be seen by recruiters and scouts.  You will play nearly all games within driving distance.  If you need it, we will give you guidance about college and financial aid.  Why do we do this?  Because a long time ago, a coach gave our founder a chance and it led to him getting a college education.

We won't force you to pay for private lessons or to get playing time.  Our coaches are here to help you, not to make money off you.

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North Palm Beach Baseball, Inc, a registered Florida nonprofit and is not affiliated with any municipality or any other baseball league, travel team, or national organization.