"Nothing's ever been as fun as baseball." - Mickey Mantle


Our Youth program (ages 5 to 13) focuses on skill development, fair chances, sportsmanship, and fun.  As the only independent league in the area, we aren't burdened by a national organization's bureaucracy, costs, or focus on all-stars.  We don't have any residency requirements and we offer financial assistance.  We want every child to have fun playing baseball!


No yelling, family environment focused on player development & fun


We strive to make baseball available to all youth regardless of ability to pay


No player on the bench more than 2 innings per game & everyone bats


Volunteer-led nonprofit with sound management and financial transparency

North Palm Beach Baseball is not affiliated with any other baseball league, travel team, or municipality.  We comply with all regulations and requirements set by the Village of North Palm Beach and Palm Beach County Recreation Departments, and we greatly appreciate their  assistance.

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