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Rating:  D2+


Height:   6' 1"

GPA:  3.87

Weight:  202

SAT:  1210

ACT:  24

NCAA Portal:  instagramisdumb

Age:   18

HS Class:  2022

High School:  Jupiter

State:  FL

City:  Jupiter

Cell:  (561) 888-2200

Instagram:  instagramisdumb

Twitter:  twitterisdumber


60yd Dash:   6.91

Throw Velo:  87 mph   (from position)

Exit Velo:  85 mph

Broad Jump:  10' 6"

Vertical Jump:  33"

Grip:  321   (dfadfa machine)

60yd Dash
Throw Velo
Exit Velo
Broad Jump
Vertical Jump
Grip Strength
Fri., June 20
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Thu., June 19
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Sat., June 28
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Wed., July 6
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P = High to mid round draft potential

D1+ = Power D1 to potential draft

D1 = Mid-major to power D1 college

D2+ = D2 college or mid-major D1 potential

D2  = D2 college

D3+  = D3 college or D2 potential

D3 = D3 college

NRP = not rated but possible potential to develop in Juco

NR = not rated

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